– Products: 100% is digital products or services to support gamers

– User : all people who registered on website

– Buyer : any users who have demand to buy products Accepting terms and conditions

– To use website user have to accept all terms and conditions


– How can I trust you?

– We have been selling accounts and services for 2 years with over 1000 customers and counting. Here are a few vouches from our customers.

– What Payment Methods Do You Account?

– You can pay via Credit/Debit Card,PayPal.

– How Could I Possibly Reach You?

– You can contact us via messenger on Facebook (which is located at the bottom left ) or you can email us, contact us via Twitter or Instagram.

Returns & Refunds

We will return and refund some cases which is mistake or customers want to refund before we do them.


– What services do you currently offer for Fortnite?

-We currently offer the IKONIK, Eon, Reflex, Honor guard skin and accounts game Fortnite. We are working on getting more exclusive skins in stock.

– What information do I need to provide for Fortnite services?

– We need your Epic Games email and password for the IKONIK, Eon, Reflex and Honor guard skin. We will send information detail about account to your email after you purchase account game Fortnite.

– How long does this service take?

– It belong to different products, we often can delivery about 1 – 8 hours with products in Shopskin. About 1-3 hours with products in Shop account.

– How do I know you won’t take my account?

– Your account is of no value to us. Additionally, your account is safe as no one can change the email on Epic Games accounts, you should use your email information safely.

You can also take a look at our vouches; we worked with so many of your favorite content creators and they vouch for us.

– Can I get banned?

– With products in Shop skin which are exclusive products, we bought from others people who do not need them by real devices. We commit that we will not use any simulator methods.

– With products in Shop account, we bought them from others people who want to sell them. We guarantee that all information about game account are owned by us.

– If having any problems about security , we will be willing support you when contacting with us.